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Monday, April 17, 2006

The Witch Doctor

When I was young I was very fond of reading adventure stories.

Haggard was one of my favorite writers, but I would devour stories by Verne, Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs as well.

Many of the stories took place in "Darkest Somewhere", and they all had one thing in common, the Witch Doctor.

The Witch Doctor was always evil, and what he wanted was control over his tribe or village. How he got that control was through fear.

The Witch Doctor used his "magic" to promote the fear, and his "magic" was always fraud.

The Witch Doctor will get out in front of the people with his totems and his Ju-Ju bag, dance around and scare everyone into thinking that if they don't do what the Witch Doctor wants, the "Spirits" will be angry and punish the village.


George W. Bush is our village Witch Doctor.

His totems were "The Terrorists", along with "The war on Terror", but now he has added "The Iranian Atomic Bomb". He shakes and rattles these objects in front of our faces while chanting his "magic" words designed to make us all afraid.

"The terrorists are coming to eat your children! They are going to steal your food and rape your women! Give me your power and I will protect you from The Terrorists! Give me power and I will stop the bad Iranians from possessing the ultimate magic and using it to hurt you!"

Then he holds up his Ju-Ju bag, which contains the magic symbols for "Higher Oil Prices" and "No Jobs" and "failed infrastructure" and tells you that only he can keep the evil in check.

And the "Villagers" of America cower in their huts.

And they give away their freedom to the Witch Doctor.

As long as the Witch Doctor has power this will never end.

If you want to know how the "Global War on Terror" will go, all you have to do is look at another war against an abstract noun, the "War on Drugs"

The "War on Drugs" has never become close to being winnable. All it does is keep our resources tied down (both human and monetary) and empower a criminal underclass.

The "Global War on Terror" is the same. It will be perpetual conflict and will drain us like a vampire. You can't win a war against an abstract noun, you can only win a war against specific people (which is why the Afghan Taliban are out of power, though we stopped short of winning that war for some reason)

The thing about Witch Doctors is that they need to have an established source for the fear they use.

So our Witch Doctor has turned Iraq into a breeding ground for people who will do terrorist acts (which is just a bit different than "the terrorists")

Iran will follow shortly, then we may never get rid of the Witch Doctor.



B said...

Guru, where are we going? And why are we in this handbasket?

Marc A. said...

"The "War on Drugs" has never become close to being winnable. All it does is keep our resources tied down (both human and monetary) and empower a criminal underclass."

This reminds me a lot of the section in Orwell's 1984 that discusses "War is Peace". By tying up all our resources in an unwinnable war, we keep lower classes from gaining amenities and put them in a state of fearful ignorance of government totalitarianism. Because of complacence, society ends with a constant war that consumes all and leads to a static society. It frightens me that we've had such a good example of what not to do (1984) around for such a long time and still we end up doing it.

redburns said...

but Mushtaq..
bush is the Great "DECIDER"...


what to do...?

Mushtaq Ali said...

Yeah, he is, he told us so right here

Which means he has forgotten that his job is to represent us, not rule us.

murid_aisha said...


Yes, the "great decider" what a load of guano. Wait no, guano is useful when spread over gardens... hmmm well you get my meaning.
The big "boogidy woogity" we see now is how dangerous Iran is. Any ideas where this is going? There have been small rumors of pre-emptive (where did they come up w/ that BS war move?) nuclear strikes?
I shudder.


MPS said...

This is a very interesting comparison. It does seem like he's using fear to control us, but why? What do you think is his motivation? Is it economics/oil? Is it his religious beliefs? I've never been a fan of GWB, but I do have a number of friends/family that I respect who seem to think that he's really doing what he believes in his heart is the best. I'm not sure if I believe that or not because I tend to turn him off in my head when I watch him speak because I just find his smug, cocky attitude hard to watch, but I'm not sure I really understand his motivation. Is there a hidden agenda? Is he being honest? We have evidence that he's lied before, so how much slack do you feed a liar? I think his motivation is most likely selfish (not necessarily evil), which is why many Americans (those who only care about what's good for America) love him, and why people that have a larger world view (what's good for the people of the world, the environment, the planet) seem to hate him. Hmmmm?

murid_aisha said...

Does he have a hidden agenda... Does the sun rise in the east?
Well.. I believe it is part him, part Rove/ hidden puppeteers.
I really can't get into it all cuz it IRKS me.. i will say:
Alaskan Oil Reserve
Afghani Pipeline
stranger than fiction? his brother, governor of the state that won him the first election. Oh wait, maybe he didn't win, but now that we've figured out all about hanging chads.. it's really too late to matter.
I think corporations that ruin the ecosystem and deprive hardworking people of basic things like living wages and health care are notgood for anyone let alone Americans. But maybe a systematic loss of our freedoms in the name of national security is good for everyone...
uhhhhh... But I do agree, thinking about it ourselves instead of blindly following the "status quo' as presented by mass media is the first step.

Do you want the red pill? Or the Blue pill?

Dan Gambiera said...

A lifetime ago Franklin D. Roosevelt said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." He was one of our greatest presidents.

Today George W. Bush says "The only thing we have is fear itself." He is one the worst.