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Sunday, April 30, 2006

As in medieval times, the brutal truth can be told

Only by Jesters

Stephen Colbert somehow managed to get invited to the White House Correspondents' dinner, and to be given time on the podium.

I am waiting for him to "disappear". The Shrub was not amused.

Check out the video.

This may be the first time in a very long time that Bush got to hear what people are really thinking.



whalesoundervish said...

Salams Mushtaq,
Steven Colbert was brilliant yesterday.
It was priceless to see how uncomfortable everyone in that room was. I guess they can't take a joke. ;)

murid_aisha said...


That was incredible. I am blown away!!! I will be making a link on myspace, with a few bullitins to get the info spread around. Honestly, John Stewart has been my favorite. But WOW the cajones that took; Stephen Colbert was saying something that has been waiting for quite some time- THE TRUTH.
It was incredible the silence in the room. I seriously am suprised this aired... and will be even more suprised if Colbert continues with his show. I think he should watch his mechanics from now on though.. and possibly have his own beef eater for the time being.
Thanks Guru! This was a priceless link.


Mike B said...

Colbert is so funny..makes them feel like assholes under there very noses...kudos Mushtaq on this one

redburns said...

Steven is my HERO..
I taped this and watched it on sunday...judt UNBELIEVABLE..
Last night Jon Stewart called his performance "balls-o-licious" ...

Steven also gave it to Bill Kristol last week on his show...

just great..

redburns said...

Thank Steven

by the way I love the " Only by Jesters" analogy..
it's right on! ...:)


Dan Gambiera said...

It was hard to hear what he was saying over the clanging of those ten pound solid brass balls.

MetinoHeat said...

just when i lost faith in the guy as being an elitest racist bastard, he pulls a fast one on everyone. he prolly had it planned all along.

Mike Devlin said...

Wow. Interesting video clip: It looked like Laurence Fishburne, the actor, responding in a natural way to Colbert's roasting (laughing, etc, unselfconsciously) until he realized there was a video camera pointed at him. His change of expression is priceless!
One laughs at the 'King' at one's own risk, I suppose.