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Saturday, March 11, 2006


The sixth aphorism of the Kwajaghan is Baz Gasht which is usually translated as "Return"

To get to the meaning of this saying first we must notice that on the Enneagram of the aphorisms that Baz Gasht sits on the triangle portion of the symbol, which makes it of a somewhat different quality than the aphorisms that sit at the "moving" points.

The idea of "Return" is that you must develop the ability to be undistracted by sense phenomena and the contents of the Nafs, and that you must be able to do this without trying to shut out sense impressions or memories.

The analogy is that of a journey (as in "the journey to the homeland") where you are being presented constantly with new and fascinating things along the way. You must not become distracted by these things,or you may never finish the trip, but at the same time you must not ignore these things because they may have useful or even important information about the conditions of the trip.

The cultivation of this ability requires a very specific set of practices and if one has not mastered the proceeding steps then success is unlikely.

The idea is that you have made your intention to journey home and as you return you must keep your attention on your task, do not become distracted, remember your purpose.

This completes the second layer of the triad and I think you can begin to see some relationships now.



ksmaguro said...

so what is the constellation?

Mushtaq Ali said...

The Seven Sisters

ksmaguro said...

How does it relate?