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Friday, March 24, 2006

I hate to say I told you so....

but I did.

Back in January I said that the real attack against our hard won freedoms would not be abortion rights. I suggested that the fight to overturn Roe v. Wade was a smoke screen to distract the American public from the real target, which is Griswold v. Connecticut, the decision that affirms our fundamental right to privacy.

I would bet that most of you who read this are too young to remember life before Griswold v. Connecticut, when the government in collusion with the Church thought that it was just fine to regulate every aspect of your private life, including your choice if and when to have children.

I do.

It was not a good time.

It looks like these times are coming back.

While South Dakota keeps us distracted with its attack on a woman's rights over her own body,
several other States are doing something even more insidious.

What we have is an attempt to ban and criminalize sex toys.

Yes, I know it seems silly, and a bit crude perhaps, but think about it for a second.

The State, led by the Republican party, and the Christian Right is insinuating itself back into your private life.

You can read about Mississippi's attempt to police your bedroom here (scroll down to the second entry) , and for information on the other States read here.

Of course you may be unconvinced that this is all that important, consider for a moment that these laws will be challenged, and the challenge will no doubt go the Supreme Court.

And how is the vote likely to go?

Well, the court just heard a case, one that was seemingly of little interest. The case, Georgia v. Randolph, involved the police searching a house without a warrant because they had been invited in.

Check out the case and the ruling at Talk Left and Read Roberts' dissent carefully. Justice Souter, who wrote the majority opinion, had this to say about Roberts' dissent:

Under the dissent's view, he wrote, "The centuries of special protection for the privacy of the home are over."
centuries of special protection for the privacy of the home are over

That is what the Bush Court is going to be giving us with its rulings.

You have two choices as I see it. You can do something about this now, at the next election, or you can listen to your children and grandchildren curse you for allowing the creation of the theocratic slave state that they suffer under.

It's up to you. You get exactly the government that you allow.


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