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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Back from the Heartland

Howdy Everyone! I am just back from a very successful seminar in Iowa (of all places) and I figure it is about time to catch up on this blog.

I just finished a weekend seminar for KSMA at its home base in Des Moines, Iowa.

Great fun was had by all. You can read a couple of reviews here and here. I will have something up with pictures and perhaps a video clip or two later.

But while I was gone there have been questions. I thought it would be good (and easier) to move them here and do my best to answer them.

So first;


I have a question about the review of the level one silat zulfikari video by a muhammad iqbal (on the zulfikar website). do you happen to kow that person? because he says that he found silat zulfikari to be even better than sombo and systema. i was wondering how well he knew sombo and systema. i did three months of systema in canada until i had to stop because of an unrelated knee injury. and now im in egypt, and i want to learn some martial arts. i became convinced from those few months that Systema is THE martial art for me, but silat zulfikari sounds enticing.

i dont suppose there's any practitioner in egypt?

also, for silat zulfikari,... do you have to be able to do the splits? i met this young indonesian silat teacher here in cairo, and he scared me away when he said i have to learn to do the splits (i think that's what its called anyway. in arabic the process of learning to do the splits is called "opening the pelvis" or something like that).

i just started aikido for now, but i hope to be able to do systema or silat zulfikari one day.

No, I do not know the guy. He bought a set of the DVD's and then sent back that review. As it happens I am always glad to print good press :)

As to Zulfikari being better than anything else, it is a matter of individual perception, and often has more to do with the player than the art.

I have a very good friend who is a Sambo champion, he is a superior martial artist in every way, but I suspect that this would be true no matter what art he studied.

As to Systema, I have three observations.

The politics are toxic in the extreme.

One of the head instructors was murdered in a knife fight under circumstances that were dubious at best. (I am less concerned with the fact that he lost the encounter than I am concerned that he had the poor sense to get himself into it in the first place).

The players I have personally met tend toward fantasy as to their skills against a fully uncooperative opponent.

But on the other hand, lots of people really love the art.

For myself, if there were an art that I thought was better than what I am doing now, I would be doing that. But different people want different things from their art, so the choice is a rather personal one.

No you don't have to do the splits.


Thank you for your words of wisdom. It is thanks to you (and divine plan) that i went to silat, and met Shaykh. Thanks. I remember wanting a teacher- and i believe it was you who said "yes, but did you ask for one yet?"


I remember that conversation :)

I also find it amusing that those who marginalized you have fallen away while you continue to progress. Life is funny that way.


and the freakin idiots just extended the "patriot act". What of the founding parties would have been in favor of that>?
82 to 16- or some such..



Indeed, the Right Wing has taken many steps to destroy democracy in the last six years, but the majority of Americans seem to welcome the loss of their freedoms, the huge debt they have incurred, the loss of life the policies of the Bush Regime has caused and the selling of our country to the multinational.

Bush is karma for people giving up their obligations to participate in the political process. Until America wakes up there is little that can be done.

I like those. What's amuses me most is that you reminded me about the serious conversation my religous, to the point of cultism (JPUSA), relatives had shortly after GW Bush was elected about whether or not he was the anti-christ.

Bill and I have been wanting to come down and visit, but between him & I having to work OT and family obligations we've been unable to get a day free. Hopefully very soon though.

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