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Saturday, March 25, 2006

An anthem for the new anti-war movement?

Back in 2003 The Dixie Chicks offended all of redneckdom by actually thinking, and having an opinion on George Bush and the war that ran counter to the party line.

I never understood why it has always been assumed that country and western music automatically had to be right wing and reactionary. Contrary to popular belief, wearing a cowboy hat does not automatically make you stupid.

BUT, the girls of the band did catch holy hell from the right wing, republicans, and the Christian right for daring to support the democratic process, and even worse in the eyes of Bushites, to think for themselves.

They were harassed, received much hate mail and even death threats from the American Taliban. But this does not seem have stopped them from expressing themselves.

If you go to the official Dixie Chicks website you can read about their new album "Taking The Long Way", and you can hear the song "Not Ready To Make Nice", which is, I guess, an answer to all the hate these women have gotten for exercising the freedoms that BushCo claims it wants to give to Iraq.

So Viva La Dixie Chicks!

(Now if I could only get more people to listen to the Burns Sisters Band)


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