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Monday, February 13, 2006

Something to think about.

A good number of us (those of us who are American) have taken an oath at one time or another in our lives to To Protect and Defend the US Constitution.

I have often though about that oath in in the many years since I first took it. What does it mean to "To Protect and Defend"?

I think about it a lot more these days as I see our constitution being marginalized (George Bush seems to have said "it's just piece of paper) and the rights that so many generations of Americans have fought and died for being eroded away on the alter of greed and power.

God instructs us, through the words of his Prophet (paraphrased into English by me)

"When you see a wrong, stop it with your hand. If you cannot do that then stop it with your words. If this is not possible then at least address the wrong to God with your prayers."

When the elections come we can stop this with our hands by voting the bastards who have corrupted our country out of office (even Dibold can't keep them all in their seats). Until then we must speak out against the abuses of our Constitution, and let our elected officials know that there will be consequence to their actions, that they will be out of a job if they do not Protect and Defend our Constitution. And we can all pray that we can find a common ground as Americans and stop the divisiveness that has been fostered on us by those who want to rule rather than serve.

There is a very good article here that addresses this subject, one written by a person who has served this country in the FBI and CIA. It is worth the read.

Remember, if the constitution is set aside we are no longer Americans, we are no longer a free people and we join the ranks of political and corporate serfs found around the world.

The choice is yours, Citizen or Subject!


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