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Sunday, February 12, 2006

How to pull a "Pat Robertson"

For fun and profit.

As many of you may have noticed, there has been a disturbing trend with the religious right of all flavors to tell us why God is doing certain things. Pat Robertson, the Right Wing Religious Wanker (RWRW for short), is perhaps the most vocal of these self proclaimed interpreters of God's will here in America, and has managed to be at least as amusing as a tooth ache with his pronouncements lately.

One thing that becomes more and more apparent is the lack of critical thinking that plagues both religious "pundits" and listeners has reached epidemic proportions.

What Robertson and his spiritual brethren of all faiths are indulging in when they tell us why God is doing something is a special case of the logical fallacy called argumentum ad verecundiam, or "appeal to authority". After all, by definition, God is the ultimate authority.

This is also an example of saying things "in quotes".

As some of you may know, if you want to say something to someone, but for some reason can't say it directly, you can almost always get away with saying it in quotes.

(Mr. President, do you know what I heard in the hall yesterday? I overheard someone saying "That George Bush is an incompetent imbecile!" Can you imagine someone actually saying something like that sir? They went on to say that you were a "complete BOOB!" sir. I was highly offended that anyone would think that you are really that stupid).
So the Right Reverend Robertson says what he feels in the dark hateful recesses of his black little heart, but frames them as quotes from God.

People do notice though.

Even his own co-religionists are beginning to become upset by his trying to make himself the mouthpiece for God.

I think though, that everyone should start putting words in God's mouth, after all, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander" isn't it?

So let's try out a few quotes from God.

"hurricane Katrina and the other disasters we had this year are God's judgment on the Red States for supporting all the suffering that BushCo has brought upon the world!"

Yeah, that works. So how about:

"The volcano in Alaska is God's warning not to mess with His ecology and to lay off drilling for oil where it will ruin the environment. Furthermore, it is God answering the prayers for help from the people who live in the region that will be ruined by the drilling!"

See how easy it is?

Let's try another.

The Medicare drug program is God's judgment on old people for being stupid enough to support George Bush! Furthermore the cuts that old people are about to experience in all of their Medicare programs to help fund the wars that make such profits for BushCo is more evidence of just how upset God is with them for helping to put a representative of the Anti-Christ in the office of President!"

This can be a lot of fun if you want to counter attack the religious Right. With a little research a person could no doubt find some scripture that could be twisted into support for "God's" opinions on these matters.


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