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Monday, January 23, 2006


I found this particular set of sayings rather to the point given present
world events. (translations mine)

Haji Bektash is the founder of one of the more important Sufi orders to be found in Central Asia and the Balkan States, and he represents a "public extension" of the tradition of Ahmet Yesevi, as he is in that direct lineage. I could write several pages on the impact that Haji Bektash and his lineage have had on Central Asia and the Balkans, but I will save that for another time and let his words speak for him.

The "Din"* is the trust of the Transcendent Intellect**

The "Din" is like a Treasure vault and the Transcendent Intellect is its steward.
If the steward departs, a thief will come for the treasure.

The "Din" is a flock and the Transcendent Intellect the Shepard.
If the Shepard abandons his flock the wolves will come.

The "Din" is milk, the Transcendent Intellect is a watchman and Shaytan is a stray dog.
If the watchman abandons his post what will the dog do with the milk?

(* I could have translated the word "Din" as religion or faith, but that is rather inexact. The word "Din" implies a contract or transaction where one comes under an obligation. So in this sense it is the contract between God and Humanity that was made in pre-eternity who's outward expression is the duties one has toward God expressed in religion)

(** The intellect that is spoken of here is not the 'aql, the cognitive faculties and common reason, rather it is the Basira, Which has the implication of what is seen, and of light. It is perhaps best described by Gurdjieff's "higher head center").

The city of the heart is ruled by two Princes,
One is of Truth*, the other of Falsehood.

The Prince of Truth is Transcendent Intellect
Its Khalifa** is Din, its Wakil*** is Islam****.

( * Haqq which in this case not only means truth and/or that which is real, but is a referrer to God)

(** In this meaning Khalifa is the vice regent appointed by the King to guide the prince)

(*** Wakil in this sense would one who cares for the prince)

(**** Islam here specifically refers to Submission)


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