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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Journey Home

The third aphorism of the Khwjaghan is "Safar Bar Watan", which is usually translated as "the journey home", but this is really too simplistic.

While "Safar" does in one context mean "to journey, travel, depart" it also means to "unveil, disclose, reveal" and as a third meaning "To shine or glow"

"Watan" can mean home, but is much more common as homeland, or place of origin. It can also mean choosing a place to settle.

So Safar bar Watan can mean "journey to the homeland" or "reveal the source".

The third Aphorism has to do with the creation and follow-through of intention (something a lot rarer than one might think).

It is intention that connects an individual to their goal, which in the case of a Sufi would be Al Haqq.

As various Sufi teachers have pointed out over the centuries, as long as the person is controlled by Nafs it is difficult to follow through on any intention. When an intention is lost through "break-down" the person looses energy necessary for transformation.

Furthermore, and more importantly, Intention is one of the three core qualities which the Insan-i-Kamal actively possess.

The first three aphorisms form a triad, each of them develops one of the core qualities as shown in the diagram below.


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borky said...


I find myself wondering if this is related to Rumi's statement, the moment we're born a ladder's put out for us to escape this world?

One of the possible interpretations I put on Rumi's 'ladder' is he's referring to the events which are our lives, the implication being if we live our lives in 'reverse' or 'upside down' - i.e., we recall the sequence of events which led us to where we are now - we can use them as a 'ladder' to climb back out this world to return where we came.

On a slightly different note, it's a peculiar thing, but all of a sudden over the last week or so you've kept popping up in my browser.

If I put in, say, 'retarded idiot', George W. Bush will obviously pop up, but your tracelessness will be somehow attached to it, too.

If I put in something far more impolite, Tony Blair'll obviously pop up, but somehow so'll you!

The weird thing is, one of your fellow beads of Mercury, Lujan Matus, is a martial arts wallah, and while in the past he's had a powerful effect on me through a book of his, I've not had the slightest interest in martial arts, (even though my taller, amazonian daughter's use of me as a sort of human medicine ball warrants developing self defence skills).

It seemed to start the day I tried out this electro acupuncture thingy my brother bought himself, (after developing Bell's palsy). I next stumbled on you, and all of a sudden I'm punching and kicking myself back to life - spontaneously inventing my own crude martial art forms, as it were - reacquainting myself with this weird 'inner' energy body version of myself, and hunting down items on the net about the use of qigong for healing!

If I turn evil and become a sort of real life Electro, I'm blaming you!