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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Republicans finally get a visit from a very overworked Clue Fairy

It is sad really, the poor thing has worn her wings out getting to all the so called conservatives so desperately in need of a clue.

But she seems to be catching up.

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) has figured out that he has been sucked into a neo-McCarthy nightmare.

I had become convinced that there were no true conservatives left in politics, and that all we had were the right wing fascist neo-cons with their religious fanatic fellow travelers. I have a little hope though that people like Senator Hagel might be waking up from the seductive dreams of power at the price of freedom.

The Bush regime's attempts to destroy the constitution and replace it with a religo-fascist dictatorship have been even more worrisome since this came to light.

I do not consider this bit of information completely substantiated yet, but given everything else that has come down since Bush-Corp grabbed control of the White House, it seems near fetched. The right wing has wished terrorist attacks on US citizens and cities in the recent past, so perhaps turning a blind eye to intelligence reports (again) may be seen as a way to maintain power.

Jimmy Carter has this to say about the state of the Nation.

There was a time when there was little doubt that America held the moral high ground in many ways, but those days are long past, we just don't want to admit that greed and sloth have allowed the ideals of our country as outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights to be traded for corporate dollars.

Since Bush-Corp took over the country we are nothing more than a "stockyard" for corporate interests, especially the oil companies.

Did you know that while some stupid mother fuckers go around telling us that the oil companies price hikes are a good thing, Exxon has not yet paid a penny on the fines levied against it for the Exxon Valdez spill? An entire ecosystem ruined, the highest profits ever, gouged from the wallets of working people who can little afford it, using a national disaster as an excuse, and these parasites can't even see their way to paying for the clean-up of their mess. Go figure.

Once we believed in what America stood for, once we took the Constitution and Bill of Rights seriously. Now we are headed for another "Dark Ages" where our lives are dictated by the Religious Right, Christian and Muslim.



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