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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Comments on my rant

Someone named Don made some interesting comments on my last political rant. (I don't think this was our own Don, so I am assuming he is someone new to the blog).

I wanted to reply at length to these comments because they make some important observations, so please bear with me, and perhaps we will experience the rarest of things, a polite political discussion.


Hi Don,

You said;

"I come here to read incredibly interesting things about martial arts and primarily edged weapons - even though most places on the Internet that discuss knives and martial endeavors related to knives have devolved into childlike scrawl or grown men who act like high school students smelling each other's jocks or fingers after flatulence."

And I am happy that you do. It is very gratifying to know that people find a little value in my ramblings about things martial.

"They say you have to take the good with the bad and I always have. I have wanted to say things, but I would not because I did not want to stir the pot."

While I tend to think of "good" and "bad" to be something of a personal view in this sort of thing I am happy that you have stuck it out. Do feel free to stir the pot any time you like though. Reasonable discussion of these matters can only be a benefit to all of us.

"I have no love for Neo-Conservatism. If there is one thing I despise is the current empty-headed, follow-the-herd, just-another-cow, jingoism that people like Sean Hannity regurgitate every weekday on the radio."

See, we have found a point of agreement already :)

"I would like to touch on a couple of things, mainly because I do believe in God and I am a Republican...of sorts."

Nothing wrong with either of these things, I also believe in God, and voted for Barry Goldwater (perhaps the last real conservative to run for the office of the president)

"And I think that you have fallen into a trap of throwing so much mud that you just hope some of it sticks."

Let me give you an alternative perspective. What I am actually doing is trying a well thought out plan to use the same sort of tactics that the Neo-Cons use to influence public opinion, but for good rather than evil.

It became apparent after the last election that reasoned discussion and presentation of facts was a tactic that no longer produces results here in the US, so there needs to be some other way of getting people to think outside their habitual mindsets. Since Bush Corp was so successful at manipulating the focus of the nation by punching emotional buttons, I decided to experiment with the same tactics. So I very consciously frame my rants to mirror the tactics of the Neo-Cons and religious Right, hitting emotional hot buttons and repetitively delivering simple messages that have little logical content, but focus attention and emotion in a particular direction. I have also taken up the very successful tactic of demonizing the Neo-Con Right in the same manner as they did with the once honorable term "liberal".

"Remember, support for (King George) president Bush is support for the totalitarian theocracy of Saudi Arabia..."

"You are not politically ignorant. You know this is the reality of every President of The United States and in reality, will be the reality of any future Administration. So, while it sounds quite good and it's a nice slam, it becomes intellectually dishonest as you have forgotten the past and ignore the reality of the future."

Just because something has been standard operating procedure does not make it moral or correct. What you say about every administration doing this sort of thing is true, and we have paid the price for this sort of politics over and over with American blood. If we don't stop being sheep and forbid our representatives to support tyranny it will go on and we will continue to pay the price for it.

"I'm not saying I like the Saudis, I do not. I do not support them or their religion, I do not support making little girls burn to death because they cannot exit a burning building with their face exposed. I don't think we have ANY real friends over there at all as a matter of fact."

It would be good to remember two things here, the West created Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia is the epicenter for the support of Wahhabi terrorism in the world. This goes back to my last point, by supporting tyranny we create our own problems, and the politicos are not the ones who spill their blood to fix the problems. If we do not insist that our representatives stop supporting evil governments then we are in fact supporting them if only by our silence.

"Clinton gave Most Favored Nation status to China as well. Almost every President in modern history without exception has put America in bed with tyrants while decrying human rights violations. It's not a Republican or Democrat thing, it's not even liberal or conservative, it's politics and that's that."

That is only "that" because we allow it to be "that" This is still a democracy, "we the people" still have all the political power if we choose to use it. The situation remains the same and the support of evil goes on being business as usual only because of the "that's that" attitude. The worst thing we have ever allowed any politico to do is lull us into thinking that we cannot effect change. Bush-Corp counts on Americans being somnambulists.

"They all do it, people I support do it and people you have supported and will support will do it regardless of what they preach to you on the television or campaign trail"

To belabor a point, they all do it because we allow them to do it.

"...and Saudi Arabia is an excellent example of what the Neo-Con 'fundamentalist' pseudo-Christians would like to turn our country into."

"While it might be the malignant pipedream of Dobson or Robertson, it will never come to pass so I would rest easy."

I would hazard a guess that you are not old enough to remember the days of Senator Joe McCarthy. Thinking that "it can't happen here" is a really good way to make sure that it will happen here.

"And I am leaning heavily on the "might be" because I don't think it would be like that. I certainly would not vote for either of them."

What makes you think that they need you to vote for them in order to further their agenda?

History is full of examples of evil people taking over everything from family businesses to countries.

If you examine the situation you may find that people like the ones you mention have already taken on too much power. The divisiveness we are experiencing today is a direct result of the power grabs by the likes of Bush and Dobson. I don't ever remember a time in this country that we have been so unwilling to find a way to all live together as Americans, and that is an essential step to destroying our democracy.

If you want to really see where they are going take a look at the position of the religious Right on homosexuals. Gays are the last minority that it is safe to hate, and the Right has used this to great advantage. Whatever your or my view on the subject might be, using Mosaic law to deal with a hated minority seems just a bit extreme to me. Rather like the "ethnic cleansing" attitude found all through the twentieth century by totalitarian regimes everywhere. It seems to me to be a good indicator of how these people will behave if allowed to have power. (and as Jesus said, "as you do to the least of these........")

"Most of this country is obsessed with finding another sexual partner and with getting abortions and being drunk or high or, in general, making a mess of their lives."

Do you really think so?

That has not been my experience at all. While I have not had contact with "most of this country", the people who I have had contact with have seemed to me to be pretty good sorts all in all. Most of the people I am acquainted with, even the ones who disagree with me on a number of things, seem to want to do what's right and fair and moral. Sometimes they just don't know how to break out of the somnambulistic trance that they have allowed themselves to slip into. My impression is that most of the Americans I have come in contact with are just trying to get by the best they can. I don't think I have ever met anyone here who thought that abortions were a good idea, let alone something to be obsessed with, except for the religious Right, which I guess could be seen as obsessed with abortion.

"The hedonistic among us insures that no one like a Robertson or Dobson is ever elected or holds great sway with those elected."

I think I will have to disagree with you on this one. I don't see much hedonism here in the States, I have always found more of a puritanical streak than anything else. So far no one has stopped people like Robertson and Dobson from gaining power in this country, and while they themselves might not be able to get elected, they seem to think that they can put the candidate of their choice in office.

"You could ban the entire Bill of Rights in this country and the majority would not care unless you touched their right to kill their own and be as"

Being as you were cut off in mid sentence I am not sure where you were going with this, perhaps we can take it up later.



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