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Friday, October 28, 2005

This seems to be a week for unfortunate events

There has been a lot of traffic on this blog from a couple of different forums this last couple of days from people interested in what I have written about South African knife fighting.

While this is a good thing it did give me a bit of a reminder as to the world situation.

I am always interested in what people are saying about my writings, and often to see the various comments I am required to register for a forum.

Until yesterday this has not been a problem.

Yesterday I registered for one of the forums that has been coming here in pretty good numbers, within just a few minutes my account stopped working and all I would get was a "you are not allowed to view this page" message.

This seemed a bit odd so I zapped off a message to the moderator, I received no reply back. I sent another inquiry, again without results.

Later that evening I was chatting with a friend and mentioned the problem I was having with this forum (he is a member) and asked if there were technical problems.

He replied,

"Did you use your real name when you signed up?"

"Sure" I said.

"There's your problem" he tells me. "Most of the people who run that forum are hard core right wing Christians, they have a real hate going for Muslims".

"Oh" I said, "I hadn't thought of that".

He tells me "I bet one of them saw your name and turned your account off because they think you will steal all their secrets and give them to Muslim terrorists".


"yeah, some of them are real mean hearted".

"Bummer, so you think I am not going to be well received there even though I am a really nice guy and am quite witty and personable?"

"Nope, I suspect they will just call you names and rat pack you if you were to post there."

I wonder why so many of them are visiting my blog then, do you think they are trying to steal all my secret techniques and give them to Christian terrorists?"

"Could be."

"Well I guess it's lucky I don't have any secret stuff then."

I don't know if the moderators have really bumped my account because I have a Muslim name, I hope not. These days though it would not surprise me much if it were the case.

Sometimes I really dispair of the fate of humanity. If Christians actually followed the instructions of Jesus (as) and Muslims really followed the instructions of the Prophet (saws) we would not be in the mess we are today. I guess it is just too hard for most people to do this though, I know I have a difficult enough time with it.


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