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Friday, October 21, 2005

Seven things

Well since I got tagged by both Ruth Todd and Tiel on this one I figure I had better get to it.

Seven Things I will do before I die. (Inshallah)

  1. Train two successors (at least), one man, one woman, to take over teaching my art when I retire. (I haven't found them yet, so I am still taking applications)
  2. Finish translating, and publish my translation and commentary of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
  3. build a home deep in the mountains, reachable only by foot or horse.
  4. Spend a lot more time in Africa.
  5. Go to many places I haven't been yet and live with the people I find there
  6. Build a network of Silat schools around the world in such a way that they are a valued part of their community for reasons other than self defense.
  7. Become a better person.

Seven things I can do.
  1. Walk into the desert or mountains with just the clothes on my back and live quite comfortably for as long as I like.
  2. Build things I need from elemental components such as wood, bone, stone, and hide, including the tools to make more complex things.
  3. Cook quite well
  4. Tell stories.
  5. Find the things inside a person that hurt and help them heal.
  6. transcend limitations.
  7. Do serious damage to my fellow human beings.
Seven things I can't do.
(I don't actually believe that there is anything that I can't do, so this is a list of what I can't do yet).
  1. Fly an airplane.
  2. Put up with fools well.
  3. Communicate as well as I would like.
  4. Make everyone happy.
  5. Live in a country with an honest government.
  6. Understand God.
  7. Bear the thought of having another dog.
Seven things I say most often
  1. Keep your elbows down!
  2. The only real difference between fighting and dancing is the impacts.
  3. You move like a pregnant Yak.
  4. Inshallah.
  5. Breathe!!
  6. I'll believe in you for both of us until you figure it out for yourself.
  7. If you learn anything from me it's your own damn fault!

Seven people I would like to pass this on to
(Some of you don't have a blog, so maybe this will encourge you to start one, or feel free to put your answers in my comments).

  1. Jenny Burns (redjb)
  2. Bobbe Edmons
  3. Terry
  4. Jennifer St. Clair
  5. Brian
  6. Don
  7. Jeff S

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