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Thursday, September 08, 2005

More on the boycott

Every time the boycott is mentioned a set of responses comes up that is both rather consistent and miss the point entirely.

Jarad's reaction is a good example.

I'm sorry Mustaq, but the oil companies are not to blame for the rise in oil prices. Exxon Mobil isn't selling you gas for $3 a gallon because they're gougeing you - Americans are STILL paying the lowest gas prices in the entire world. You're paying so much because oil is riding around $63 a barrel, and it's unlikely to drop any time soon.
No one said that Exxon or any other oil company is "to blame" The "blame" rests equally on everyone in any industrial country (including Canada) for today's situation.

Oil companies, like all corporations are predators of opportunity and you treat them as anything else at your peril.

And yes America has very low prices for gas, though not the lowest in the world, you will find those in some of the Arab countries.

All of this misses the point.

So does this:

Until Americans face the fact that oil production peaked in America in 1971 and is probably peaking world wide right now, they will continue to be angry and confused about the price of gas. Sadly, the American economy has outsourced most of it's manufacturing, but still continues to use a quarter of the world's oil - more than half of it in Cars. The American economy appears to sustain itself by building suburbs and buying KFC in malls.
This is a bit of a distortion, and misses the point that all of the "first world" (including Canada) has outsourced way too much of what it consumes.

An oil "boycott" does nothhing to help this situation - only a drastic restructuring of the American Economy can do this. Unfortunately this probably won't be a nice easy resturcturing, but more along the lines of a drastic depression. Wal-Mart has become the world's largest company by using to Cheap Oil to truck their products all over America from China, and sell them at less than retail prices - when this system collapses they will be the first to go, and the poor will only get poorer.
No one suggested an "oil boycott", what was suggested was a corporate boycott. One of the few places that we can gain any leverage is at the pumps, and if you want your "drastic restructuring" then you need leverage.

If things are going to change you have to start somewhere. This is a place to start.

The other comments both give no place to DO anything, and tend to not notice that this is a global problem.

So people in America can continue to do nothing and they will get what they deserve, and people outside the US can continue to blame America, and also get what they deserve.

Or you can do something, vote with your money, take some power back from the corporations and do some restructuring, the choice (and the consequences) are yours.


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