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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Having too much fun

I'm sorry to have been so quiet these last few days, but I have been caught up in other things.

The Black Belt test went well, and both candidates survived. It has been a long while since I sat on a board for one of these tests, but I still remember how to look wise and ask complicated questions.

Here are a few pictures of the test. First we have Steve Van Harn and I discussing things of great import.

Here is Lori, (on the left) who was one of the testers, looking just a little tired.

And here is the other tester, Sterling (on the right) working with Don, one of his instructors.

A good time was had by all, with a magnificent feast of Satey and Fesonjon after the test.

At the moment, Chuck and I are making knives (more on this later) in anticipation of the fall "Gathering of the Tribes" which will be held in Grand Rapids this October.


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