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Friday, September 02, 2005

The boycott

For those wondering what to do about the high price of gas.

A great many people are feeling helpless just now, with the prospect of gas prices rising beyond their ability to afford even enough to take care of basic needs.

historically, every action taken against the oil companies has been an abysmal failure. This is mostly because we, as a nation are addicted to gas and have never bothered to go to rehab.

There has been a small (but growing) action to get the attention of the oil companies in the only way they understand, through their wallets.

It was suggested some time ago that since we can't manage to go without gas even for a day, that the way to boycott gas was to pick one company and drive them down by refusing to buy their product. We all know that the oil companies fix their prices, we have seen this in the last few days as gas prices have gone up in lock step, no matter which oil company you are looking at.

So Exxon/Mobil was selected as the worst of the oil companies (having made the most profits world wide) and a boycott has been declared against all their products.

If you want to do something positive to bring oil prices down, join the boycott, tell all your friends about it, urge them to join in and to spread the word. If we can effect the profits of one company we will get their attention.


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