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Monday, September 19, 2005

The Blessing

It has been a rather enjoyable day!

Chuck and I have been working on the "Baraka" and have made some pretty good progress.

Right now I am finishing off the profile, then we start working on the various grinds it will take to make the knife.

We are using a very tough high carbon steel for the blade, starting with 1/4 inch stock. The blade will have a distal taper to bring the balance back towards the hilt a bit and lighten the knife overall.

The profile is still not quite finished, but will be shortly. I was excited though, so y'all get to see the work in progress.

While most people who see the blade assume that it is a "fighting knife" this is not really the case. You can of course use it as a combat blade, but what it is really designed to be is an overall survival tool, something you could use to do fairly complex tasks in the woods or desert.

By the way, that is Chuck in the pictures (say hi Chuck). We should be finished wit the initial grinds tomorrow and I will see if I can update the photos as soon as we are done.

There is something about making a useful tool by hand from scratch that is truly satisfying. If I had my 'druthers I think I would build a furnace into the hillside and smelt my own iron ore.


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