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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Landed Again

Well, I have landed in NY again for a little while, and after a rather eventful trip.

I would have written about the trip yesterday but I decided to pass out for a day instead.

One of the most evident things about this trip was just how much gas prices have gone up since the last time I made the trip. It seed to be at least .25 cents a gallon nationwide, more in a lot of places. It is probably time for people to start doing something about this, though I wonder if the American people still have the sand to stand up to our corporate and political masters.

But more on that later, let's talk about more pleasant things for a moment.

One place I always like to stop when I am driving across country is the Continental Divide.

For those of you who are not familiar with this place, it is a line that runs from north to south just west of the Rockies. On one side of the Divide, all water runs west to the gulf of California, on the other, water runs east to the gulf of Mexico.

Here is a picture of the Divide in Wyoming just off Interstate 80. It does not look like much I admit, but I guess it is important.

Ever since I first found out about the Divide when I was a kid I have made a point to stop when I cross it and do a little searching. I go out with a jug of water and pour a bit out at different places. I am looking for the exact point where half of the water will flow west and the other will flow east. So far no luck.

One of the things I love about the South West is the Juniper trees. (We often refer to them as "cedar", especially when talking about the needles, even though we know that they are not cedar).

The juniper is a very useful tree, providing fire wood and fiber. The berries have medicinal properties, and are used to treat kidney problems. They are also used as a flavoring with certain foods. Smoke from the burning needles is considered purifying, and is used in many Native ceremonies.

One other use for them is as an air sweetener. Rather than hanging one of those stupid, smelly, "car air fresheners" from your rear view mirror, you can take a couple of sprigs of juniper needles and set them on your dash. Your car will take on the aroma of a desert evening. (Much nicer than those funky wooden "christmas trees").

When I was photographing the tree I ranacross this ant hill. According to the history of many of the South Western Tribes,, it was the Ant People who showed human beings the way from the Third World to the Forth World (where we live now).

You can learn a lot from the Ant People. Back in the days when I was doing field work for the archology department of my university, cataloging indiginous sites on a rather large milatary base, I often relied on the Ant People to tell me what was under the soil in their area. If you found bits of mussel shell you were most likely on a shell midden, or if you found flakes of black chirt you were likely at a flint workshop.

If you pay attention they can even tell you when it is about to rain sometimes.

Well I must go off and do real world stuff, but there will be much more later.


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