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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Internal Checklist

A conversation
(with thanks to Fariz)

This conversation came up in relation to the ideas around Al Ma’bud an-Nafs (the idols of the ego, found here)

Salaams Mushtaq, Excellent stuff! This notion about an "internal checklist", to my mind, seems quite crucial in that it appears to confirm that overt communication is a process of internalising external realities (i.e., filling a cup that overflows), whereas hidden conversation is a process of externalising internal (unconscious?) realities (i.e., gaining access to Ali Baba's cave of plenty perhaps?) only so long as permanent access is gained, and then I suppose there'd be dancing in the promised land.

It is always nice to see that people are actually reading this stuff :-)

Here is a way to think about this perhaps.

When Nafs is "asleep" it is called Ammara, "commanding", and is full of activity. That is because it is reacting to its "dreams". These dreams are the "landscape" of Anfus. This "landscape" is crafted from the Heuristic artifacts of the Nafs. Everything that Nafs is given from Afaq is filtered through these "dreams" and Nafs responds not to Afaq but to the contents of the "dreams". In doing so Nafs co-opts most of the person's energy to continue functioning.

When Nafs is "awake" it is quiescent, still. It preceves Afaq without first filtering THROUGH a "dream" and its Heuristic artifacts are ordered and their content is under the direction of Dhat. This is called Safiyya, purified ego. In this state Nafs requires very little energy because unless the organism is under threat, Nafs is passive.

Also, I see that a reading of David Bohm's ideas about an Implicate Order might be relevant...

Funny you should mention this. Last week my Shaykh has A physicist from some research center near Palo Alto CA over to the house for a couple of days to discuss, among other things, David Bohm's ideas about an Implicate Order (please note that the theme song from Twilight Zone has just started playing in the background)


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