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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hidden Sufi-Like People

Or "Why do Dervishes like food so much?"

One notable part of my latest jaunt across country was that I got some time to stop and visit people.

My first real stop was in Utah. You just have to wonder what people were thinking when they first built Salt Lake City in such an inhospitable place.

Here is a picture of the red rock as you head up into the mountains east of Salt Lake. This is where the land starts getting greener and more interesting.

As I said, my first stop was here, in a small town just outside Salt Lake.

Some "authors of pulp fiction disguised as Sufi literature" like to talk about "Hidden Sufis" and make a big mysterious thing out of it.

The truth is closer to the idea that all Sufis are "hidden".

If you see a guy standing on the street corner holding a Sign saying "Unemployed Sufi, Will Remember God For Food" you can be sure that you are looking at a "Hidden Sufi".

"But, But" you say, "How can he be a "Hidden Sufi? He is saying he is right on his sign!"

Right you are, but everyone knows, thanks to a meme complex started by pulp fiction writers, that no "Real Sufi" would ever, under any circumstances, claim to be a Sufi. So if you are in fact a Sufi, and you would like to remain hidden, the very best way to do so is to tell everyone that you are a Sufi. Then, everyone knowing that no Sufi would ever say that he or she was such, will think you are not telling the truth and write you off, thereby leaving you in peace to do your work.

Another thing to note is that Sufis very often work in "service industries" (Go Figure). This is especially true in the food service industry.

So if you want to find a Sufi, don't look in a mosque, look in a pizza joint, or one of those little hole in the wall restaurants that only the really interesting people find their way to, or a bakery.

So it is no surprise that my friends in Utah run a bakery. Not just any bakery, but the kind that just welcomes you and invites you to sit for a while a relax over some truly exquisite pastries.

I had a truly marvelous breakfast here with some of the best blueberry crescents I have ever eaten.

I suspect that Sufis like working with food so much because it is so primal. A good meal can make you feel just a little better about yourself and life.

So here is a Sufi family that serves through feeding people (no I am not going to tell you their names or how to find them, even in the States people can be given a really hard time for being Sufi)

Coming up next, Colorado Adventures.


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Camilia Lund said...

That is a beautiful mountain! There is red rock near Salt Lake? Where can I hike to that?