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Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Really real reason

Someone sent this to me a while back me:

Does anyone realise that Sufis do not call themselves Sufis, because that is
arrogance? When once asked "Why do you not say that you are a Sufi?" The Sufi
replied: "That would be self-assertion, and would invite attack."
This is my reply

The really real, true and accurate reason that sufis never, never, ever, under any circumstances call themselves sufis (no, really, I'm giving you the real stuff this time), is that sufis have been outlawed in every most decent Muslim country in the world, and have been, more or less ( with a few exceptions) from the time shortly after the death of the Prophet (SAWS). So, if one were to go down the street in Bagdad telling everyone that he or she is a sufi, bad things could happen. It is much better to start rumors that the most uptight reactionary members of the community are in fact sufis. It is loads of fun (and very instructive) to watch them go out of their way to prove that they are not.


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