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Sunday, July 31, 2005

On God

The Islamic, and even more so the Sufi concept of God is a bit different than that which is held to be true by many in the west.

First, it is non anthropomorphic. We do not think of God as a very large human male (of the same race as us). God is beyond form or gender. We look at if from two views, the imminent and the transcendent. The imminent is the perceivable part of the "Divine Theophany", all of the various attributes of God which work to manifest the universe.

These attributes could, if you wished be perceived as separate "gods" if you wanted to complicate your life unnecessarily. We prefer to look at it from the view of one force manifesting itself in myriad ways that make the universe run correctly. We work with these attributes through what we call the "99 Names". Allah is the Name that contains all names.

That is to say, the term by which we think of the entirety of the reality of God as manifesting in the universe. Then there is the transcendent aspect of God, which is that part of the infinite which is beyond manifestation. For that we use a different word, but it is all a way of talking about the same Unity.


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