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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Not in my name!

As a Muslim, after the attacks on London, and the murder of the Egyptian envoy, I have to say that I am in a state of high disgust.

The people who are doing these things are operating so far outside any understanding of Islam that any reasonable person might follow as to be practicing an entirely different religion.

These attacks and murders are opposed to the clear instructions of the Quran and the clear example of the Prophet (saws) the people who are doing these things cannot be seen as followers of Islam, but rather as dangerously insane.

No matter what any government does, these people will still attack and kill women and children until such time as all Muslims who have not gone completely off the deep end say Not In My Name!

Yes George Bush and his minions are evil bastards who have invaded Iraq for its oil and have committed un-American atrocities that deserve to be tried as war crimes in an international court, but these phony fundamentalists only empower him and his like.

This is a war of the Right against the Right. Each side fuels the other until all we will have left is two groups of people who are trying to kill each other in God's name.

Both of these groups need to be opposed by all people of good will, we ALL need to say NO to the Right.

For those of us who are Muslim, we have to ask ourselves "What would the Prophet (saws) think of the actions of these people?" Does anyone who has studied the events of the Prophet's life and how he acted in the wars he had to fight to protect his people think he would have approved of killing Muslims and attacks on non-combatants including women and children?

No matter what the Western powers do, these murders in Allah's name will not stop until such time as we Muslims admit that they are apostate innovators who have hijacked the faith and teachings of Islam.

They will continue until WE cut off their "food supply".

someone reading over my shoulder has suggested that this post might bring down the wrath of these people on me.

It is true that anyone who has been critical of these scum-bags has run a risk of being attacked (always in a cowardly manner, never face to face, man to man).

Well, I do follow the Sunna of the Prophet (saws), and I have no problem with the idea of personal combat as demonstrated by him and his companions. So if you right wing, apostate innovators don't like what I have to say, get a sword and look me up. I do understand though that you would rather kill babies with explosives that to face someone as Islam instructs, you cowardly pieces of shit!

Fuck you!

You do not act in the name of any real Muslim.


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