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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Living in a fantasy world,

which is where a lot of people live most of their lives, has taken a huge jump in power thanks to mass media.

Recently, a wack-job senator, Rick Santorum, wrote a book called "It takes a Family".

One of his fantasies is that the "nuclear family" as a way of living together has been the most popular and effective kind of marriage for thousands of years.

This is just not true, but thanks to mass media it will become a strong idea within certain memetic complexes.

Now I took my first degree in anthropology, and actually had to study these things, so I am always just a little surprised when someone in a position of power is so woefully ignorant of human marriage and family patterns over the centuries.

historically, the most popular family strategy has been the extended family. Historically, polygamy has been more popular than monogamy. If these strategies were not successful they would not have been able to compete. I am not advocating polygamy, which works well only under specific circumstances. I will however advocate for the extended family as the very best way to raise children.

(If you doubt this do some research)

The "nuclear Family" is a strategy that did not become popular until the industrial revolution, and frankly it seems to me to be a piss poor one given the frequency of nuclear family failure in the modern world.

Never the less, the memes in this book will take root in American culture (unless something is done about it) and unfounded belief will (as it almost always does in the short run) trump science.

I am sure that most of you, when you were children had some adult tell you "be careful of what you put in your mouth".

unfortunately, very few people seem to tell anyone "Be careful of what you put in your mind".


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