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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Killer Memes

To understand what is going on in the world today you have to understand how meme complexes work.

Memes struggle for ideological turf in much the same way that different species struggle to dominate their ecological niche to ensure that their DNA gets passed down.

Here is something important to know. DNA does not care one bit about an individual member of the species that carries it. All that matters is that DNA continues. A million members of a species may perish as long as DNA gets passed along.

In the same way, memes do not care about individual carriers. As long as the meme survives and is passed on, a million people can die and it does not matter.

All exoteric religions are meme complexes. All political movements are meme complexes.

Here is another thing to understand. Most really viable memes are complexes rather than single memes.

Just as multi celled complex organisms have certain survival abilities, "interlocking" groups of memes often have better long term survivability.

Bearing these ideas in mind.

"fundamentalist Islam" is a "Killer Meme", that is to say, a meme complex that has, as part of its survival strategy, a "sub-routine" that insists that all carriers of this "idea complex" attack, and if possible kill, anyone who rejects infection with and compliance with the meme complex.

This is how we get "suicide bombers" and individuals who will kidnap and kill anyone who does not obey their wishes. It is also how we get people like the boy who killed Theo Van Gogh for putting out competing ideas.

This is a very effective strategy in the short term, as long as you don't care about individual carriers.

Now, there has been a lot of talk to the effect of "Hey, our fundamentalist Christians are pretty bad, but at least they are not blowing themselves or anyone else up!"

The people who are saying this have not been paying attention to history.

Christianity has produced any number of "Killer memes" that infected Europe for almost a thousand years, creating wars and massacres on all sides up until just about two hundred years ago.

It is just Islam's turn right now.

You can't free someone else from memetic enslavement until you have freed yourself.


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