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Friday, July 29, 2005

The Hidden Conversation and Psychology

Since the question usually comes up right around now, this may be a good time to address the relationship between al Kalam al Batini and psychology.

It's very simple really, there isn't one.

Psychology is based on the idea of pathology, (yes I know I am simplifying) it attempts to describe aberrant behavior and to develop techniques for altering that behavior. Psychology works entirely at the level of the Nafs al Ammara. The best that psychology can ever hope for is to create situations where a behavior that is unacceptable in whatever culture the psychology is being practiced in can be changed to a behavioral habit that is more culturally acceptable. This leaves the Nafs al Ammara still completely fixated on the objects of the "Anfus", but it often gives the Nafs al Ammara a more pleasant objects to fix it on. In this manner psychology helps an individual develop a well adjusted Nafs according to the definition of that individuals culture.

Al Kalam al Batini on the other hand concerns itself with the spiritual development of the entire human being. Any seeming improvements in the behavioral patterns of the Nafs are nothing more than a pleasant and convenient side effect.

The purpose of al Kalam al Batini is to provide a map to freeing the Nafs from its state of sleep and recovering the excess energy that the Nafs requires to operate in that state of sleep for the purpose of self development.

While al Kalam al Batini produces some interesting side effects in the area of operating in the world, and while these side effects can be very useful, they should not in any way be considered in central purpose of the skills.

I hope that this clears up some of the differences between the two subjects.


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