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Monday, June 13, 2005

One of the Great Evils

Is Slavery.

You would think that by this time we, as a people would have eradicated this abomination from the face of the earth, but this is not so.

We in America would also like to thing that this is a problem that is far away from us, this is also not so.

Yahoo news tells of Slavery in Colorado. That would be right here in the good old USA.

Look folks, let me run it down to you. Saudi Arabia is a slave holding State. The United Arab Emirates are slave holding States. Kuwait is a slave holding State. Yemen is a slave holding State.

Of course they all have a lot of oil, so we look the other way.

Look these countries have been preying on the Sudanese, Malaysians, Indonesians and Filipinos for as long as they have been countries. (and to a lesser extent the Balkan countries of the former Soviet Union)

Ask yourself why we haven't sanctioned them into the Dark Ages. Ask yourself why we have commerce with slavers.

When slave holders have the gall to come to America and bring their slaves with them it is time to say enough.


It will be very hard to do so if we as a nation are using slave labor ourselves.

It is hard to think about I suppose, but a good number of illegals who make it into this country end up in some sort of involuntary servitude.

We also support companies that go to third world countries and sometimes treat workers as involuntary servants.

What you have to ask yourself is "Do I oppose slavery?" and "What am I going to do about it?" because things won't change if we don't do something to make them change.


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