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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I found some of the worst drivers in the country in Ohio.

(But a big Howdy to Don, Brian, and Jennifer St. Clair anyway)

It was really quite amazing. Driving a truck full of books and such, and pulling a car, you don't go very fast as a rule. Couple this with the fact that the right lane ends with an "exit only" at every third off-ramp in Ohio, I had to make quite a few lane changes. Every time I signaled to make a lane change the moron behind me, with all his inbred kin following him, thought that the proper response to my signal was to speed up and cut me off so that I would not get in front of them for a couple hundred feet.

I suspect it was lucky that I was driving such a slow vehicle, because by the tenth time in a row this happened I was ready to chase someone down and beat them senseless. After an hour of this I started driving as if I were back in Africa. That is to say not "defensively" but "offensively". (I think I may have scared people just a little bit when I would just keep pulling into a lane even though someone had sped up to try and get ahead of me. He with the most gross tonnage wins).

Ohio is the most urbanised and tamed of all the states I traveled through.

Once outside the cities, the farmland were also quite developed, having the feel of "farm industry" rather than farms.

I hit more traffic jams here than in the whole rest of the country put together. This one, which had me stuck for two hours was caused by a semi that had managed to jump its trailer over the center barrier, closing off both lanes in my direction.

(I am pretty sure that the various irrigation ponds along the road were infested with small pernicious Shoggoth as well)


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