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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Nothing Good Ever Came Out of Texas

That's what my old folks used to say.

I used to hear things like "Texans are slant drillers" and "A Texan will cheat a rock".

Every year when I was growing up in New Mexico, during hunting season we would get an influx of drunk Texans who would shoot at anything that moved, deer, antelope, livestock, people, vehicles, you name it.

One year, when I was young and still living on the family ranch, one of my uncles was out hunting on our ranch. He got a fine mule deer and after field dressing it set out to drag it home on a travois. He made sure to tie red cloth from the antlers and such for safety.

A couple mile from home someone shot his deer.

He jumped behind a rock and yelled out that there was a person with the deer and would they please not shoot this way.

Another shot struck near the deer carcass.

My uncle yelled out again, warning them that they were shooting at a person.

The shot at the deer again.

My Uncle (who had distinguished himself in WWII in the Pacific theater and had a couple of medals that said he had done brave things) hollered at them that they should stop shooting at him.

Another shot rang out and struck near the deer.

So my uncle returned fire.

He wasn't actually trying to kill anyone (or so he said) but he made them keep their heads down while he got up on them.

What he found when he got to them (behind them actually) was two drunk Texans who had come to our fair State for deer season. Of course the were hunting on our land without permission, and they were so drunk that they did not know what they were shooting at.

My uncle force marched them back to the ranch at rifle point and called the sheriff to come deal with them.

That is often how I think of Texans.

I also think of Texans like this.

As a child I remember driving through West Texas and seeing signs that said "Nigger, don't let the sun set on your black ass in this town".

Now I guess it will be "Faggot, don't let the sun set on your pansy ass in this town."

When the governor of a State says that a section of the population should go elsewhere because he doesn't like them, it is time to do something.

I propose that we should kick Texas out of the Union. They have been the most un-American State I can think of with their disregard for human rights, their willingness to execute developmentally disabled people and children and a number of other such things.

We should make them a sovereign nation, send George Bush back there to be the King, and then cut all diplomatic ties. (There should be an amnesty though, so the good people can get out before we close the borders).

We should amputate Texas from the Union like the gangrenous limb it is.

To hell with Texas.

I'm sick of this shit.


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