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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New York

I hit the New York State line just after sunset.

I drove until I got to the Finger Lakes region and then grabbed a room for the night.

The area is quite lovely, and my friend Jen Ambrose grew up here, so I was interested to see what the surroundings were like. I made a point of listening to her music and seeing how it might fit with the land. (and if you haven't picked up her CD yet you are being unkind to yourself)

The area is trying to develop itself as a wine region. I have no idea of the quality of their product, but there were wild grapes to bee seen along the road.

Further down the road I came to the Mohawk river and the Mohawk valley. It seems to be some pretty rich farmland, but I spent the whole time thinking of the James Fenimore Cooper stories I used to read as a kid.

Finally, I arrived in the area where we are going to set up a new headquarters, with its distinctive buildings and its quiet "back-woods" feel.

Thanks for coming along, I hope you enjoyed the trip.


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