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Monday, June 27, 2005


I always get a bit nostalgic when I cross Nebraska

My adopted father was Cheyenne, and he used to tell me stories of the days when his people roamed across Nebraska and eastern Wyoming, so when I am driving along the Platte river I tend to remember the stories and try to imagine what it was like during those times.

There is still a good bit of wild prairie to be found in Nebraska, and deer and antelope are to be seen frequently.

Nebraska is also not as flat as people think. While there are not as many buttes as in Wyoming, they are still to be found.

While corn fields usually come to mind when people think of Nebraska, if you follow the Platte river (which has a couple of different forks) you will spend some time in really nice woodlands. I found this part of the State quite appealing.

About three quarters of the way across the State I made a hard right turn.


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