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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Important Breaking News!!!!!

(Alright, everyone hold your breath)

My friend Kevin Germain has a blog!!!!

Not just any blog, but an incredibly kewl Sufi-like blog where he talks about music and other groovy things (He happens to be a passable fair Ud player AND ex-Punk Rocker so this is not just theoretical)

He is also blogging some of the material from the Sohbets of Shaykh Taner Ansari, one of the great Sufi thinkers (and doers) of our time.

Don't hesitate GO READ HIS BLOG! You will be glad you did.

Do it today, avoid the rush! Tell all your friends about it! Urge them to visit! Blackmail them if you have to, they will thank you for it later!

The blog that everyone will be talking about soon! (If you visit now you can be smug when your friends rush up to you and tell you about it "Oh. Acoustics, Health & Sufism? Sure I have been reading it for days.")

Remember Acoustics, Health & Sufism, tell um that Mushtaq sent you for a chance to win valuable prizes (a snowballs chance in hell, but a chance never the less)


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