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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bloggingsphere Update

It's hard to believe that I have been doing this for seven months now!

It may be the most I have ever written in my whole life (outside of school).

As some of you may remember, I originally started this blog to teach myself about the process so that I could help my friend Steve Barnes build his blog at Dar Kush.

Well Steve is going strong over there and his readership is growing daily. If you haven't read his blog then get over there and check it out, you will be glad you did.


The most amazing thing to me is that people are actually reading this thing! Not only that but a couple of things I have written have been picked up and and republished elsewhere, including at one of my very favorite online magazines, Circular strength Training. Is that kewl or what?

I have actually been enjoying writing here and so far have no intention of stopping.


Still Reading

There are some real gems to be found and I have been quite delighted with my ongoing reading of these blogs.

Blogging as Art

Zuhrtime Soliloquy by Aida offers some very good poetry as well as prose of a philosophical and spiritual nature. It is well worth the read.

Nietzsche's Wife, the polyglot genius at Ecce Mulier has been particularly creative lately, if you haven't read her you should.

Blogging as Life

Ethnically Incorrect by Sume is always thoughtful and is a blog I check daily.

Another favorite is instant gratification. I really get a kick (no pun intended) reading the adventures of Don and his merry band of friends. BTW Don just got married! Three Cheers and best wishes.

DisOrganization, Jennifer St. Clair's blog is a pleasant place to visit. She does not understand why people might enjoy reading about the simple pleasures of her life, but we do.

Kwasi, at Ramblings of an African geek is starting to write more, and this is a good thing. He has a lot to say and is quite articulate.

WriteousSister is very intelligent and well worth the read.

There are many more that deserve a look, check out my blog links in the side bar to find them.

The New

Here are some new places I have stumbled across that are worth taking a look at.

Knocking From Inside is a blog written by my friend Tiel, who is smart, funny, creative and can twist your arm off and beat you to death with it if you annoy her. There is some really good stuff here, read it.

Sufistuff and Light of Eminence & Sufism are two very nice Sufi oriented blogs.

Governor Silver, very good training stuff, check it out.

A Soldier's Thoughts, A blog that is sometimes painful to read, it reminds me too much of conversations back in the Viet Nam days, But it is a blog that should be read. Check it out.

Freshair by my friend Desert Rose is great fun, though it is a new blog, and half of it is in Farsi, don't let that stop you.

The Tasneem Project is very ambitious and very informative and has a great blog, check it out.

MuslimHippie, I saw the link on Sume's blog and loved the name (it could have been me it was referring to)

I really like this one, though it is a relatively new blog. It is fresh and thoughtful and I expect great things from the writer. Check it out and give her some encouragement.


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