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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Teach Yourself

Because the "Powers that Be" don't want you to think.

One of the gravest disservices we have done to the people of this nation is to have provided them with a poor education. We have not taught students to think.

There is an old saying from Turkey, "If you act like a donkey there are plenty of people who are willing to ride you."

If you do not learn to effectively process information (and it is a learned skill) then you will always be at the mercy of people promoting their favorite dogmas.


That is the problem, all sorts of people would like you to uncritically believe what they are telling you about the way the world is. Many of them pretend that such uncritical belief is "faith", which it is not.

If you do not have the tools to discover what a given person or group is really trying to sell you, then you are libel to be making some really wacky presuppositions about the world, which will in turn become the heuristics by which you operate.

About half of what we perceive as "intelligence" is the ability to process information effectively, so if you want to be "smarter" then all you have to do is improve in that area.

While this is pretty simple, it is not necessarily easy. In my experience, most people are conditioned to a way of thinking already comfortable to the individual. When a person tries to change the way they process information they run a good chance of evoking a "threat response" from within themselves.

The wonderful thing about the internet is that you have access to so much useful information. I you are reading this you are able to self-educate on a goodly number of subjects to a remarkable degree, and do it almost for free.

Here are some links to places where anyone can make themselves incrementally smarter with just a bit of diligent study and application.

And remember rule #14

"I not only have the right to think at all times, but the responsibility to do so."

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