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Monday, May 09, 2005

Rule #1 revisited

Jesus said "By their fruits you will know them"

As I suspected would happen, there has been a bit of misunderstanding about my post on evolution, the theory of natural selection, the theory of intelligent design, the theory of creationism, and Christian dogma.

Let me help everyone re-focus.

What anyone believes about any of these theories means exactly Jack Shit!

As I said in the last essay, "The value of a theory is found in its usefulness." The usefulness of a theory is a pretty good indicator as to how close to reality it is.

For example, if we have a theory that says that the earth is flat, sits in the center of the universe, and that the sun, moon, and planets revolve around it. We also have a theory that says that the sun is the center of the solar system, that the earth is pretty much spherical, and that it with the other planets revolve around the sun, and that moon does revolve around the earth.

what we discover is that the flat earth theory does not produce as much useful innovation as the round earth theory. Especially in the area of navigation. And the flat earth theory falls apart when we leave earth and go into space.

So rather than wrangling about the usual bullshit that comes up (and has come up) like "gaps in the fossil record" you need to examine what has been extrapolated from each of these theories.

As I pointed out in my last post, taking natural selection seriously has lead to all manner of useful discoveries and advancement in the bio-sciences.

Taking creationism seriously has lead to zero advancement in any sciences that I have been able to find.

Taking non-Christian dogma driven theories on intelligent design seriously has lead to some interesting initial results but nothing practical yet.

So what we see is that Christian dogma (as opposed to the teachings of Jesus) is bankrupt when it comes to scientific enquiry.

And here is the problem. Christian dogma is based on two fundamentals, first is that the bible is a 100% accurate account of reality. The second, which is extrapolated from the first, is that "Christians" are the only recipients of God's grace, and that they have the only "Truth". In short that everyone that is not a member of their fan club will be punished by God forever.

Of course scientific enquiry, especially in the areas of the bio-sciences, genetics, astronomy, physics, archeology, anthropology, and geology, to name a few, have shown that the bible (as opposed to the Torah which has some real survival value, but those are just the parts that Christian dogmatists reject) is not even remotely an accurate description of reality and that Christian dogma has been 100% incorrect about these areas.

This means that "creationism" with its demand that the bible be considered as a scientific document that is literally true in every respect is functionally useless for scientific inquiry.

If it were good for anything we would have seen at least a little advancement in our understanding of the universe over the last 2000 years while the Christian dogmatists held power coming out of this position, but we don't.

So when Christian dogma can't compete in the free market of ideas, it does what it has always done. It tries to legislate reality, preferably out of the barrel of a gun.

So we get laws insisting that we teach bullshit to students and pretend it is science. If it were science it would be good for something, and is isn't.

All the creationists have to do to demonstrate that they have a valid theory is to make something useful with it, cure a disease, make food crops more productive, anything.

But they have had almost two thousand years to do so, and have failed consistently. You could go so far as to say that the history of western science is the history of Christian dogma being wrong about everything it legislated as true about the natural world.

That is really what is going on in Kansas, Christian dogmatists are trying to force their world-view into the schools without having to go through the inconvenient process of demonstrating any real world value to these beliefs, and pretending that it is science.

My opinion is that Christians need to stop trying to legislate reality, need to stop trying to force their world-view down everyone's throats, and need to find some real fundamentals, like taking the teachings of Jesus seriously, something I have never personally seen.

The consequences to them not doing this is liable to be unpleasant for the whole planet, and I am just too old and grumpy to put up with another Dark Age.


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