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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Real Dark Lords of the Sith

I finally managed to make time to go see Star Wars III last night.

Throughout the movie, I, like so many others, was struck by the parallels between today's political situation and that of the story line.

Unlike other viewers, I don't see George Bush as playing the role of senator Palpatine/Darth Sidious, he is just not smart enough or effective enough, or strong enough.

Bush has always reminded me more of Jar Jar Binks, not very bright but with a huge ego and easily manipulated. When I think of Bush I always remember 9/11 when he sat gulping air like a fish out of water, paralyzed with shock and/or indecision while the World Trade Center burned.

Bush has always seemed to be more of a puppet to me.

So where does one look to find the Dark Lords of the Sith?

I would suggest you look to the places that teach people to get in touch with The Dark Side.

That would be Anger, Fear, jealousy, Hate.

In the States you would want to start looking here.

That's right, Dominionism is the front for the Dark Lords on this side of the planet, just as Wahhabism is the front in the Muslim world.

There is probably no greater threat to freedom and democracy than these theocrats who think that they have the license to force their beliefs on the world.

If you want to meet the real Dark Lords of the Sith read here.

(hat tip to crooks and liars for the links)

That's right, the people who are doing here what Osama bin Ladan, and his kind are doing in the Middle East but are using Christianity as their excuse and smoke screen rather than Islam. It's the same game, just different teams.

Meet two of the Dark Lords, James Dobson and Ted Haggard.

These are two men who use their powers to whisper their message of hate and fear into the ears of everyone from politicians at the highest levels to the thousands of average citizens that find their way into the "mega-churches" that the Sith have built to spread the message of the Dark Side of the Force.

Remember, it is fear and hate that lead to the dark side, and that is what the message is.

The "Muslims will get you if you don't watch out", "The homosexuals are infiltrating every part of your life, and they will steal your children", "God wants you to hate these people", "We are being persecuted by 'them'".

How much more "Dark Side" can you get? The chaos they create serves them very well as it fosters the climate of fear and hate that draws people to them.

So the question you may be wanting to ask yourself at this point is "do I want to live under a dictatorship controlled by these Dark Lords?"

If your answer is NO, then you need to fight them.

You have to fight them on the level of ideas, Get a Bible, a "red letter" one, and read the words of Jesus. When they start pushing their doctrine test it against what Jesus actually said and confront them on their lies. Start with Matthew 5.

Muslims need to do the same thing with the Quran, to actually read the book, and ask themselves if the Mullahs are representing the word of God accurately.

Remember, no human's interpretation of the Quran or the gospels is infallible, and everyone who reads it IS interpreting it.


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