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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Gun Kata

There is a movie called "Equilibrium" that has become something of a cult classic.

I have gotten a couple of emails lately asking about a martial art found in this movie.

The movie is a sort of spin on "1984" with the population of the world being kept in line by a mood altering drug, one that dulls emotional response. (not all that much different than what we see today)

There are a group of enforcers who go after anyone who has stopped taking the drug.

These enforcers ( who are called Tetragrammaton Clerics) practice "The Gun Kata" which supposedly is

"...a fighting style born out of aggressive statistical analyses of gun battles that teaches its practitioners how to enter a fight, analyze where the other fighters are and what they will do next, and then react with a perfectly orchestrated defense. In other words, these guys pretty much can wipe out a room in a half-second."
For a movie it is a fun idea, of course it is also completely not real, just something to make the movie more interesting. It succeeded quit well in this. The choreography was good.

But it is just a movie, you are not going to find the gun kata being taught in any decent martial arts school.


There was one part of the movie that gave me an idea.

The last fight in the film, between the hero and the ultimate bad guy was very interesting for one reason. It was done in trapping range.

This got me to thinking, how would I train someone to deal with a gun at such close range?

This is what I came up with.

I took two practice pistols and drilled out the barrels, thin I fit them with colored acrylic tubing about 24 inches long. They look like this.

You need two people to play, but it helps to have a third person to add to the mix.

Each player puts the pistol in their strong hand and get into trapping range. Start with the pistol at your side. Whenever you want, try to touch your partner with the tube on your pistol, your partner does the same. If you are touched you have been shot. As you get better at the game you can add strikes and other techniques, but remember the main idea is to touch your partner with the tube of your pistol. BTW, you really need eye protection for this exercise.

If you have a third person give them a set of wood blocks, which they will clap together sharply at random intervals, simulating the sound of a gun shot (good for working on startle reflex). He should also have a pocket full of spent brass , and should toss shells at the players (because at that range you are going to be hit with flying brass).

It is an interesting drill/contest, try it and tell me what you think.


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patrick said...

looks like a good way to learn how to do that pistol kung-fu they did in Equilibrium.