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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Today is the Fifth of May, an important holiday for North America
(even if most of the people in the US don't understand why)

The nice thing about being from New Mexico is that I got to celebrate the Anglo, Native and Hispanic Holidays growing up, and so was never under the delusion that the history of America was the history of Anglos.

If you don't know why Cinco de Mayo is important to the whole contenent you can learn a bit about your history here.

Alta traición
No amo mi Patria. Su fulgor abstracto
es inasible.
Pero (aunque suene mal) daría la vida
por diez lugares suyos, cierta gente,
puertos, bosques de pinos, fortalezas,
una ciudad deshecha, gris, monstruosa,
varias figuras de su historia,
(y tres o cuatro ríos).

José Emilio Pacheco


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