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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Something to look forward to

Since the right wingers seem determined to turn the USA into a third world country

I thought people might be interested in how we might be living in a few years.

In Tanzania, a gallon of gas will cost you a day's wages or more if you are an average person (and assuming you have a job). That's not a tank, that's a gallon.

Consequently, the baseline mode of materials transportation is the human powered two wheeled cart.

The man you see here does not own the cart, he rents it on a day to day basis and goes around looking for hauling jobs. On a good day he may make the equivalent to $6.00 US, half of which will cover his rent on th cart.

Today he is hauling fresh sugar cane to market, tomorrow he may be hauling furniture. I once saw a fellow hauling a pick up truck body on one of these little carts.

The amount of money he will make depends on how many deliveries he can make in a day, so he will be working at the limits of his endurance.

Day in and day out you see these guys running up and down the streets, hoping to get enough loads in to feed their families and rent a cart tomorrow.

That's what no fuel means, not "The Road Warrior", just back breaking labor and very few choices.

So are you thinking that it can't happen here? It happened here just 80 years ago. Given the fiscal irresponsibility of our present government, the huge debt we have accumulated in the last five years, the amount of that debt owned by foreign powers it could happen here tomorrow.

And we would have no one but ourselves to blame. Our country is in the pathetic shape it's in because we, the people, have allowed it to become this way through our own sloth.

We are too damn lazy to run our own country and too fucking stupid to be able to tell when we are being conned by a bunch of crooks and fanatics.

Shit! All you have to do to get your political agenda across is to demonize a group and then blame everything on them. Americans are so incredibly thoughtless that they won't even ask the simple questions that will tell them that they are being lied to.

By the end of this summer gas is likely to be close to $4.00 a gallon.

We could have been running this country on non-petroleum fuels by now. The technology is there.

If we would have taken the money that we have spent on the stupid war to get rid of all those nonexistent weapons of mass destruction and spent it on energy research imagine what we might have accomplished.

Do you know how much we have spent on our war to increase terror in the world? It is to increase it you know, this war is fueling terror rather than out gas tanks.

Well here is the sum of what we are spending.

Cost of the War in Iraq

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Now ask yourself if we could have used this money a bit more wisely.


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