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Friday, April 08, 2005

Something Fishy?

These days you just can't trust anyone, and that's too bad.

Yesterday I put up my message about the plight of Ram Das and gave a couple of links where one could send some money.

Before I did, I checked to make sure that the site with the message was indeed Dr. Dyer's site and that the address to send the money was indeed the address of Hay House Publishing, which it was.

This morning I received a message that said

"I'm embarrassed to report, but at the same time happy, that the message I sent about Ram Dass was probably a fraud. I just received the message below from friends of Ram Dass. Please hold off on sending any money. These things happen on the internet and I should have double checked before forwarding the message. At least the same internet provides for relatively easy correction. If I hear of anything that alters the content of this message below, I'll send it on. Sorry for any inconvenience or disturbance.

in peace,"

That seemed a little odd, as Dyer and Hay House have a good reputation regardless of what one thinks of their material.

So I did some checking. First I called Hay House and asked if they were indeed collecting money for Ram Das. They said that they were, but that they were only acting as agents, and that all the checks should be made out to Ram Das and would be sent to Dr. Dyer.

As you may imagine, this seemed a bit unprofessional to me. I have worked in the non-profit sector and have done some fund raising in my time, and this setup is one that would be quite open to abuse.

Now I am not saying that there is any fraud going on here, just that the setup seemed unprofessional to me.

I was asked to forward the message I had received about Ram Das needing money to be untrue to the fellow I had spoken with. After getting the OK from the person Who sent it I did forward it along.

I also sent this message.

Thanks for looking into this.

It would help a great deal to have some sort of definitive idea as to Ram Das' needs as well as some idea as to the oversite of the donations, making sure that the money goes to where it was intended.

I should have vetted the information I was given more closely, but after making sure that the initial site belonged to Dr. Dyer and that the address the donations were going to was indeed Hay House I thought that it was enough. Obviously I was a bit hasty.

I was contacted because I can get the word out to several thousand people and motivate people to actually do something. As you can imagine though I don't want to attach my name to something that is under a cloud.

I started the process of getting the word out yesterday (see for instance for one example) and I am going to have to post several retractions if I cannot verify that the call for help was for real.

Thanks again for all your help in this matter.

Mushtaq Ali

I received this message back fairly quickly. It was;

I will forward your concerns to management. Someone will contact you regarding this as soon as we have updated information. Thank you,
While I was waiting to hear back from Hay house I put in a call to the Seva foundation Whi hwas built in great part by Ra Das. I figured that if anyone had any real information that it would be them.

The response I got was both unexpected and interesting. I was tole that they could neither confirm or deny that Ram Das was in any sort of need or that this call for help was for real. The person I spoke to asked for my name and number and promised to call me back later in the day
with more definitive information.

By the time 6:30 pm rolled around I was starting to get the feeling that people were blowing smoke at me.

I gave a call back to Seva only to find that everyone had gone home for the day. I sent a note off to Hay House and got this message back.

I really do not know what you need an answer on, we are handling the administration of this only. I have forwarded your previous concerns to management here at Hay House. As mentioned when we spoke earlier, the mail for this is being handled by Hay House and forwarded to Wayne Dyer. Any checks that are sent here are to be made out to Ram Dass. If you have any other questions or concerns, please visit Dr Dyers website at

Thank you,
This, as you can imagine, struck me as a little odd.

So tomorrow I will peruse this further. Until then I urge you not to send ant money to Hay House, they do not seem to know how to run a fund raiser at best, and until I make sure that the money is wanted and that it will get to the person intended you risk losing it to to whatever is going on.

If I don't get some sort of non-bullshit answer tomorrow I have a friend in the State Prosecutor's office and I will be making a phone call. The people receiving the money are here in California and the right question from the right person can get answers.

Until then, Send money at your own risk. Or better yet, don't send anything until we know what is really going on.


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