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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The price you pay for service to humanity

is often to end up with nothing.

It seems like a sad comment on humanity to say this, but it is never the less true all to often.

If a person tries to live by an ethos that focuses on service rather than profit they will very often live their life on the margin. Usually, if the person in question has done the Work, they don't really care. But I worry sometime about the people who I care about that have chosen this path, because the people they serve so often never come to the understanding that the universe is reciprocal in nature, and that part of what you do when you learn something is you find a way to give back.

A case in point is Dr. Richard Alpert, AKA Baba Ram Das.

Some readers my remember him as the Harvard professor who was Tim Leary's partner in early LSD experiments, who went to India, met his teacher and came back as Ram Das.

Throughout the late Sixties, Seventies and eighties he was one of the leaders of the West's attempt to reclaim real spirituality. He became a lot more quiet in the last two decades, partly because of a crippling stroke that he suffered in 1997.

In true Ram Das form though, he used the stroke as part of his practice and let us learn from his mistakes and victories by allowing a window into his recovery.

He walked his talk, he used all the proceeds from the sale of his books, and lectures to support the various charities that he thought were important. He was brave enough to admit the places where he made mistakes. I would imagine that as many people have benefited from and learned from his willingness to examine the places where he fell short in his life as there are people who benefited from his teachings on right living.

Today I got an email from Jeff Finder, my friend who writes Stickman's Escrima Blog telling me that Ram Das was in trouble, that he was "sick, broke, and about to lose the house he's renting on Maui"

It would be funny if it were not so sad. Ram Das is a man who could have made a fortune as a "Beverly Hills Guru" and could have surrounded himself with thousands of followers in the style of Rajneesh, but who instead chose to live an authentic life as he understands it. If he were a phony who sucked money from a pack of followers he would be comfortable now in all likelihood, but because he walked his path with integrity he is a step for being homeless and alone, just at the time when he has the most to teach.

The thing is, if everyone who ever read one of his books, or listened to one of his lectures and walked away thinking, "Hey, I learned something" sent him a dollar, he would have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his life.

Here is Wayne Dyer's article and call for help, if anyone is interested in finding out more.

Here is a link to Ram Das' library site in case someone wants to buy a book or lecture.

Please take a moment to think about the idea that the universe IS reciprocal and if you have received value than you need to give back in some way to complete the circle. This may be one way you can if you are so motivated.


To my Muslim brothers who are at this moment saying things like "How can he advocate for this guy, who is a Hindu and all?" The answer is that I am following the Sunna of the Prophet (saws) as best I understand it.


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