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Thursday, March 31, 2005

International Insult Mugabe Month Starts Today!

Even though we do not yet know how the election has turned out in Zimbabwe

We do know that Mugabe will not willingly leave the office that he has held for the last 25 years without trying every dirty trick in the book.

So in honor of the man who single handedly ruined the economy of his country, who has forced half the population into starvation, who is so insecure that he passed a law forbidding anyone to criticize or speak ill of him, I declare April to be International Insult Mugabe Month.

Furthermore I name Robert Mugabe the real April Fool.

If anyone would like to participate (and I hope that many will) please feel free to download and proudly display the above image of Mugabe showing his true colors, and display it proudly for the next month, and whenever you can, please take a moment to insult the son of a bitch. Remember you are speaking for all those people who can't because of Mugabe's totalitarian laws.

On April 30, I prepose an International Day of Mocking. With any luck, and a little orgonizing we could get mot of the free world to be making fun of this father of lice, Mugabe.

There will be more to come later on this, but for now, copy this picture and share the love.


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