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Monday, March 28, 2005

Well, I’m back, and I’m really pissed

I will get back to the things that this blog is about in a moment, but first I gotta vent!

You can’t turn around without seeing something about Terri Schiavo these days.

Usually I am fairly happy to be an American, even though there are a lot of problems with the country, the foundations which the founding fathers laid out have seen us through the worst of times.

Since our congress and president have so cynically and self-servingly began to take an interest in this one case of personal choice, I have found myself being ashamed to be American. To think that our congress would betray the trust of the American people in this callus, self-serving, hypocritical way frankly makes me greave for my country.

But it does show the true colors to the Republican Party and the republican lawmakers who sit in the House and Senate today. That they represent true conservatism not at all has been apparent from the beginning.

The most obvious thing is that the truly crooked politicians like DeLay have embraced the Schiavo case in hopes of drawing attention away from their own malfeasance. Of course DeLay’s profound hypocrisy has been pointed out, since he had to make the same decision for his father some time ago there was not a problem withdrawing life support.

Our dear republican hypocrites, while espousing “States Rights” and small government out of one side of their mouth enacted a special law for one person just to circumvent the very thing that they claim they support.

Of course it is only for this one person. In Texas we just saw the life support being forcibly withdrawn against the wishes of the parents from a baby who, while being terminal, was in all likelihood conscious. (i.e. not brain dead like Terry Schiavo) I bet you are wondering what the difference is between the two cases. Well the baby’s family doesn’t have the money to maintain life support out of their own pockets, and a Texas law signed by George W Bush when he was governor allows hospitals to unilaterally terminate life support if the patient or family can’t pay. And of course the baby was black and Terri is white, but that would not have anything to do with this. Would it?

So George W is in fact in favor of euthanasia for the poor, and for people who are the wrong color, but not for white people with good insurance.

Of course this has brought out the American Taliban in droves, led by such “do what we want or we’ll kill you” luminaries such as “wing-nuts” Randall Terry (the spokesman for the parents of Terri’s body) and Hal "These guys deserve to have the shit kicked out of them, and that Hospice ought to be blown up by a truck bomb." Turner. And lest we forget, Fox News had the unmitigated gall to bring on John Edward, the pathetic phony “psychic” from the Sci Fi channel to tell us what Terri Schiavo’s soul thought about all this. I guess that is no depth to which the republicans will not sink to further the American Taliban’s fascist “Christian” agenda.

And that IS what this is all about. This isn’t a “right to life’ issue. This is an attack on the judicial branch of government.

If you haven’t noticed, the judiciary is the last and best defense against the Christian Taliban and their attempts to replace the constitution with Deuteronomy and to shove superstitions like “creationism” (Which is not about how a Supreme Intelligence may have guided the formation of the universe, but about accepting their particular mythology as truth) Sorry folks, evolution stopped being a theory a long time ago. It is now a demonstrable fact, get over it. (And nothing in it precludes seeing the hand of the Divine in it, it just shows that Genesis is metaphor).

The far right has always hated the judicial system because it is the one branch of government that they can’t control, and so far it has done a fairly good job of protecting us from the tyranny of Religion. They hope to change all that with the Schiavo case.

But do you want to know what really pisses me off? What has made me think that Republicans should be declared persona non grata in our government?

It is simple. Since January I have been helping to tend to one of the beloved members of our community as she passed from this world. She died last week, I sat with her as she released her last breath.

Her name was Naomi, and she passed away at just short of 91 years. We called her “aunt Naomi” because she was family to us, even those of us who were not blood relations.

Last November her hip broke under her own weight because of advanced osteoporosis. She spent over a month in the hospital and some time in rehab. We went and got her from rehab and brought her cross country to where she could be provided for.

There was some hope that she might recover enough to stay with us a little longer, but it soon became evident that this was not going to be the case. Her body was just worn out.

Fortunately she was still quite sound of mind, and remained so until the day she died. Her wish was that we do nothing to prolong her life. She had made her peace with this life and was ready to move on.

We arranged for in-home hospice care for her and we attended her ourselves as well. A few days before she died she stopped eating, saying that she was not hungry every time we offered her food. The day before she died she stopped drinking, saying that she was no longer thirsty. On the last day of her life she slipped into a coma, but she waited until her niece (who she had raised like her own child) to return home from a quick trip before she let go if this life. Naomi’s death was as peaceful as I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot of death).

Now these scum sucking vultures who sit in the government like leaches sucking the blood from our country in the name of their right wing religious agenda would have you believe that we allowed Naomi to suffer horribly, that we even tortured her because we didn’t force food and water on her against her wishes. (Fortunately she had a living will so she did not have to suffer that particular indignity). According to theses pieces of human offal we allowed a sweet old lady to die in agony. (May God give them justice rather than mercy)

These hypocritical republican scum bags do not deserve to represent this nation! They need to be tarred and feathered and run out of Washington on a rail (metaphorically speaking). The have sold out the constitution and their conservative ideals to pander to a powerful religious minority

And I begin to wonder where all the secular conservatives have fled to. I know a good number of people who profess a passion for small, local government wherever possible, who claim to support State’s Rights, who say that big government interferes too much in the lives of Americans, and they are all strangely silent on this subject.

When I look in the places where I would expect to see some objections from secular conservatives all I see are stories with a Disneyland spin on how well we are doing to bring democracy to Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. I got some news for these moral cowards. It ain’t gonna do us no good to bring democracy to the Middle East if we lose it here in the process!

If I wanted to live in a conservative right wing theocracy I would move to Iran or Saudi Arabia. I will not see the Constitution and the Bill of Rights trampled under foot in the name of a “hate filled Jesus” worshiped by a minority who do not want or deserve to live in a free country.

So that’s what I have been doing with my spring vacation, either saying goodbye to a friend, or torturing an old lady, depending on what religion you follow. And watching my country being sold down the river by a bunch of hypocritical, self-serving, crooked, republicans who have no love for our country or our constitution. Fuck ‘em all!


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