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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Poetry is Important

In the modern, industrialized world we have forgotten this, but it remains true.

I will get back to finishing the Sufi story in a moment, but I wanted to say something about this.

There was a time, not so long ago, when the reading and appreciating of poetry was common in the West, but we seem to have lost this in modern days.

I remember the first time I heard Dylan Thomas read his own work, how powerful it was, how his words reached right into a place the audience didn't even know existed within them.

Poetry is processed by the brain differently than is prose, it is also easier to remember information given in poetic form. One of the reasons that Shakespeare wrote in the manner he did is because it made it easer for the illiterate actors of the time to memorize their lines.

I believe that the "organ of the poetic" has been atrophying in the industrialized countries, and that this is making us just slightly less that we were.

Why do I bring this up just now? Well, I discovered a poet today.

Go here to Zuhrtime Soliloquy and here to Zuhrtime Arts. Read something out loud to yourself or a friend, reclaim what is best in us as humans.


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