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Saturday, March 12, 2005

One Day Moses was walking

through the wilderness, when he saw in the distance what looked like a man. As far as Moses could tell the man was skipping for several steps and then rolling on the ground.

Moses, being puzzled by the man's actions decided to investigate this strange occurrence. As he drew closer he heard the man saying "I love God, and God loves me" after saying this a few times the man would roll on the ground, then get up and do everything again.

Moses cam up to the man and said "friend, what are you doing?" the man stopped and said "I am praying." Moses was quite taken aback by this answer and said "Friend, that is not how you pray to God. Here, let me teach you the right way!" and Moses proceeded to instruct the man in the proper form of prayer.

When Moses was finished, the man thanked him profusely for his kindness and his teaching, and Moses went on his way.

After a short while, Moses came to the Nile, he needed to cross but there was no boatman to be found anywhere around. Moses shrugged and saying "in the name of God" walked out across the surface of the water. When he was about half way across the river he heard footsteps running up behind him. Moses turned, and there was the man who he had just been instructing. The man ran up to him and said "Oh Moses, I am such a silly man, please forgive me but I have forgotten some of your instructions. Can you please tell them to me again?"

Moses looked at him and said "Just do as you were doing before."


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