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Thursday, March 31, 2005

My friend Frank, over at Cool Blue and I Disagree sharply on a number of issues

There are some debates where we come down on opposite poles,

Like "George W Bush, Savior or Anti-Christ?"
or "The Republican Party, bringing America back from the brink, or selling the country down the river for corporate greed and religious mania?"
or "Iraq, bringing democracy to the benighted heathen Arabs, or Malthusian attempt to grab the world's oil reserves?"

But we also agree an a remarkable number of issues. Like States Rights, That local matters are best decided on a local level. That large government is a chancy idea. Second Amendment issues, and a number of other issues that might surprise people if they make the mistake of thinking that I am a democrat or lean towards the Left. (for anyone who is wondering, my politics are KYFHO party, not that it is anyone's business. More on that later)

But there is one thing we agree on whole heartedly,

Robert Mugabe, the parasitic tyrant unjustly ruling Zimbabwe is a criminal thug.

You may remember me mentioning the piece of human excrement Mugabe a while back in this blog.

Well, it looks like Mugabe (Who's father was a syphilitic pig herder who coupled with his own livestock to produce Mugabe) has rigged another election to keep himself in power so that he can continue to rape his country of its wealth and natural resources and squirrel away his ill got gains in an off-shore account (or so they say).

There is only one appropriate response I can come up with to this not-unexpected-outcome to the election (republicans tried desperately to get observers at the election, no one can rig a vote like Mugabe, and they were hoping for some pointers)

I am declaring April to be International insult Mugabe Month and I am declaring Mugabe to be the official April Fool. (honk... wheee!)

As you know, the thief, liar and corrupt bastard Mugabe passed a law making it illegal to say anything unkind or critical about him. While he may be able to enforce this unjust law in Zimbabwe the rest of us are free to make more truthful observations about this blood sucking parasite. I would even say that we have if not a moral, at least an aesthetic obligation to provide the people of Zimbabwe with a voice on the matter of this thug Mugabe who sits in their country like a fat leech sucking the very life from his people.

Look for more information on this and the offical launch tomorrow.


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