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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Geoff Manierston, of Blessed Memory

This month has been really hard on my friends.

This afternoon I got a call from my friend Bill Sanders (That would be Pendekar William Sanders of Pukulan Cimande Pusaka to the masses) He told me of the unexpected death of one of his students, Geoff Manierston.

I had gotten to know Geoff when he attended one of my seminars, along with a bunch of Bill's students back in the summer of 03, so Bill wanted to let me know what had happened.

Geoff was a huge man, standing head and shoulders over everyone around him, but like some men of exceptional size and strength he was very gentle with everyone and careful in his training not to hurt anyone.

Geoff is in the middle

Bill was obviously distressed by Goeff's death. Goeff was more than just a casual student, he was a member of the family.

I remember Geoff from the seminar he attended for a number of reasons. The most telling reason though was how he treated one of my students. I has one of my teacher's sons with me that year. He was feeling a bit out of place because he was younger than everyone around him. Goeff went out of his way to make sure that Ahmet felt included and a part of the group.

Geoff was great fun that weekend with a wacky sense of humor and an insatiable desire to learn.

We stayed in touch after the seminar. He would write me from time to time with questions about Arabic or Bahasa phrases that he had run across.

I thought very highly of him. He was a credit to his school and his style.

We don't know how he died, he may have just stopped breathing in his sleep.

He was just 25 years old, he will be missed.

My condolences to the members of Cimande Pusaka who were Geoff's real family.


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