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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

And In breaking News...

It Has Been Another Weird Week Here On Planet Earth

This Just In!

500,000 people demonstrate to keep Syria in Lebanon.

It seems that Hezbollah got right on organizing against Bush wanting Syria out of Lebanon. Who would ever have though that was going to happen?

Either Bush wants an all-out confrontation with Syria (and Iran as well, being as Hezbollah is a Shia group), or he has some of the stupidest advisers on the planet.

There were probably fifty ways that this could have been handled that would not have provoked this kind of situation, which is likely to set off a lot more violence.

It is really a pity, Lebanon was such a nice place before the civil war. Beirut used to be called "The Paris of the Levant", and was held up as a shining example of how Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Druze could live together in peace.

Then a bunch of right wing religious conservatives decided it was time to make their move and Beirut became a bombed out shell.

It would be nice to see Syria out of Lebanon, but now we will most likely see bodies in the streets again. Thank you Mr. President.


US Rep. Jim Gibbons removes his speeches from his website.

Crooks and Liars tells us that the representative from Nevada has removed all of his speeches, including the Nazi-like hate speeches where he demonizes a large number of US citizens and advocates their disenfranchisement from his website . The thought is that he removed them not because he was embarrassed by rhetoric that one would more likely be found in a speech from a fascist state, but because he seems to have plagiarised a good portion of the last speech he gave at Elko NV.

"What?" you say, how can I call this "Nazi-like hate speech"? Well It's simple, there is a little trick that we linguists use sometimes when we are looking into the deep structure of a speech. Just go here and read the speech, then anywhere you find words like "liberals" substitute "Jews", now read the speech again and notice how it makes you feel.


Ann Coulter gets a little heat for her racist remarks and it looks like she is no longer going to be able to say whatever she wants under the UPS copyright. Of course she is still in print, like I said, right wingers get a free pass on racism, but maybe not, it seems that some members of congress are not too happy about this either.

Thanks to Crooks and Liars for pointing us to this

On a side note, I saw a really sophomoric (but somehow still funny) joke about Coulter. I ran across it on the web somewhere but neglected to bookmark it so I can't point you to it (and it is in bad taste so I wouldn't anyway)

It was a fake ad, on one side was Ann Coulter in all her anorexic glory, on the other a bottle of Viagra. The caption read "If you're going to sleep with her you're going to need us".

Yes, yes, it is immature, but then again, so is wanting to invade Canada.


I can't even begin to find anything to be amused about with this story. US troops open fire on an Italian journalist as she was returning from captivity.

While there are some people who think that this was some sort of bizarre plot by our government, I can't buy that for a moment.

I have known enough special Ops guys to know that if our military wanted this poor woman dead, she would be a grease spot on the airport road.

So someone really screwed the pooch on this one, it had to be some gigantic mistake on someone's part. The question will be what happens now? Is some poor grunt going to take the fall for this or are we going to take responsibility for our mistakes?


As much as it pains me to say anything good about the Governator of California, between gathering special interest money, making fake news reports and generally running the state as if it were his private hunting domain he may just do something good.

Schwarzenegger is working to promote solar power.

That's right, he is trying to get to get SB 1 passed. If he does this I will have to think nice thoughts about him for a week.


And Lastly

Abu Bakar Bashir the guy who undoubtedly masterminded the bombing in Bali was acquitted by the Indonesian government this week. It kind of makes you wonder if justice will ever be more important than politics. And it pisses me off that he gets away with a slap on the wrist. And that when he is out of jail in a few months (I doubt he will serve his full sentence) he will feel encouraged to do something worse.

But as they say "there is a silver lining to every dark cloud" and even a travesty of justice such as this one can teach us something.

So do this, Think for a moment about how unfair this is. Think about the fact that it will happen again as sure as you are reading this. Think about all the lives that will be damaged and destroyed because there are people who don't give a shit about you, or what happens to you. Get in touch with that feeling of helplessness that comes from knowing that you can't do anything about the unfairness of the verdict.

Got that feeling? Sucks, don't it?

Well, now you have an idea of why the Black folks rioted when the Rodney King verdict came in.

When it comes to justice you have to lead by example, or don't expect any fairness from anyone else. (not that I would expect fairness from these Indonesian politicians anyway) .


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