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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

And In breaking News.............

Here are some of the things that have caught my attention these last few days.

Christian Terrorists kill the husband and mother of a Federal Judge in Chicago

Members of The Church of the Creator have been threatening Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow ever since she started hearing a case involving them about copyright infringement. Obviously the Bush Regime in more interested in foreign Terrorists than they are our own home grown ones. You know if the people who did this claimed to be Muslim the whole country would be locked down trying to find them.

(At this point some of you may be going "wait just a minute there, these guys are a bunch of Neo- Nazi trash, you can't call THEM Christian!" Well, now you know how I feel every time I see a Wahhabi piece of Shit like Osama bin Ladin called a Muslim terrorist. If Bin Ladin is Muslim then there guys are Christian, after all, they claim to be).

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used Taxpayer money to dupe the public

governor Arnold, taking his cue from the Feds, has produced a bogus news broadcast hyping his agenda, paid for it out of tax money and distributed it to TV stations.

The republicans say that a fake news broadcast is just like an information pamphlet. The Democrats wring their hands in dismay, Arnold puts his Cigar out in their water glass and sneers at them.

USA Next attacks your Grandmother

That's right USA Next says that your grandmother, and your eccentric uncle Bill Hate our troops and want homosexuals to get married in your living room. (or so it seems)

In the latest attack on sanity, USA Next, a front group for Bush, is trying to discredit the AARP because they know that people who need Social security are going to be just a little leery of Bush wanting to give all the money to Wall Street. The Bush answer? Don't try to come up with something that works, just smear anyone who gets in your way.

After seeing what USA Next put out, I went and joined AARP.

Robert Novak lies about what Howard Dean said at Cornell twice, CNN ignores it.

Following in the footsteps of Britt Hume Robert Novak re-edits the words of Howard Dean to make him say something totally different than what he actually said, then reported his edited version twice on TV. CNN so far has no comment.
(Thanks to Crooks and Liars for this)

Jael Phelps the granddaughter of The Rev. Fred Phelps Sr wants to kill Homosexuals

Jael Phelps, a shining example of the neo-conservative religious right, who, running on the Deuderonomy ticket, has just been defeated in a city council race in Topeka, Kan. had a few choice things to say on "Scarborough Country". Perhaps the republicans should consider her as Condi Rice's running mate in '08.
(Thanks to Crooks and Liars for this)

Ann Coulter, the poster girl for Bush's favorite charity "Hire the hopelessly insane"

Made a racist statement in her syndicated column against Helen Thomas. It was the sort of thing that would get you banned from the are waves forever if you were one of those no good liberals, but right wing Bush supporters get a free pass on things like this.

The democrats were so upset by this that they all took a vow of silence in protest.

This is a very weird planet!


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